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Hello, we are the founders of Old-Skool.net. We are Vito (left) and Matteo (right). We started Old-Skool.net becuase we’ve always had an itch to start a clothing company, and one day we finally came up with old-skool.net and it stuck.

We are a small business and we apreciate you looking through our catalog (albiet small) of clothing. We are constantly trying to expand and make our website better and further improve our own designs.

Every piece of clothing is handmand using our secret and special technique. This being said… since we do handmake our clothes there will be some variance in the clothing that you receive. Honestly it gives it character.

Our order system in place right now will be changed to a normal checkout system, we are still working out the kinks. We also only take payment in the form of Zelle and Venmo, this will also be changing in the future.

Thank you for your support.

BTW: First 100 Orders get a special note and a numbered tag with your order number!